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Our entire automatic pool cleaner department has been expanded, with better values than ever.    At only $1039.98 during the April Sale, the Indigo will quickly clean any residential pool in only 90 minutes on Turbo mode, or perfectly in three hours on Perfect Clean mode.  It has a built-in cartridge filter that cleans your pool and your water!  And, it includes a FREE service cart.  We tested the Indigo at one of our association stores successfully for two years before offering it to our customers here.

This year, Pentair brought us a new, improved pool heater; the MasterTemp.  It has several technical upgrades from the CH heaters which were the new, improved heaters from a few years ago.  They are better, but not way, way better.  The actual news is that the upgrade forces us to put all of the CH heaters on clearance.  So bring your cash in while we’re slashin’.  Seriously, we have some unbelievable prices here, especially on natural gas units.  Here are a few examples: 15,000 BTU $717; 250,000 BTU $917; and 3000,000 BTU $997.  That’s 60% off!

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a new above ground pool, start your research on our website: www.seasonalstores.com.  But, if you want to save a lot of money, don’t waste time.  Rush in to see what’s on clearance.  As I write this, we have some weird items like a pool we took a deposit on three years ago, and then we couldn’t get the customer to call us back and tell us when he wanted it.  Turns out he’s in jail.  So now it’s three years old, and it’s a steal!

We have a new, low-priced hot tub now: the Fusion by South Pacific.  As you would expect from us, the price is right, but it’s not a cheap spa.  I’ve been looking for something like this for five years now.  It’s an all-plastic spa, under $4000, with the same quality equipment used in expensive spas.  It seats four comfortably, has a built-in cover-lifter, it plugs right into a 100v outlet, it can be rewired at any time to run on 220v, it has a solid plastic bottom, it’s completely foamed with styrafoam for insulation, and the foam removes in minutes for easy repairs.  Right now, it’s on sale for $2998 – save $1000!