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New Winter Products and Services

If you find pool closing, or even general pool care to be a chore, you should come talk to us (hint: weekday afternoons are generally a bit easier than Saturday morning). We know lots of tricks and tips. We can get service people out to your house to help, and we can rent you all sorts of professional equipment that makes lots of jobs easier.

Rental Equipment
Our portable compressor can blow out your lines, main drain, even an auto cleaning system when the pool is completely full of water. It’s stocked with a complete selection of custom-made tools and plugs for all likely pool fittings, and complete directions. Only $34.99 per day, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a reservation.

Is emptying the sand out of your filter a big job? We have a Pac Fab Sand Vacuum that will suck all of the sand out of your filter, and deposit it in a big wet pile on the ground. Only $9.99 per day.

Some Hayward filters (S200, S240, etc.) have a dome that can be very difficult to remove. Our Dome Removal Tool will twist it right off. Purchase one for only $5.50, or rent it for $1.99 per day.

Do you have lots of leaves at the bottom of the pool? Our largest Leaf Sweep will connect to your regular vacuum pole, and a garden hose. Sweep all of the leaves up into its large mesh bag in no time at all. It’s totally independent of your regular filter and vacuum—no clogged hoses, baskets or pipes. Purchase one for only $24.99 or rent one for only $7.99 per day.

Oh no. Is the pool totally gone? Your filter just can’t hack it? We can install a $1,500 commercial sized D.E. Filter right next to your pool, for only $99.99 the first day, and $29.99 per day thereafter. Plus, if your pool meets some very reasonable requirements beforehand, you only pay if it works! Generally, we can clean up an above ground pool in one day, and an inground pool in two days. We bring our own plumbing, wiring, and ground fault system. All you provide is the electricity.

Do you have lots of very fine dust on the bottom of the pool? Does it just blow up and cloud the water when you try to vacuum? If you don’t already know how to vacuum on “waste” (hint, it is not “backwash”), please let us show you. Then, pick up a commercialwheeled Flex-Vac head. It will pick up the dust without brushing half of it out of the way. Purchase one for only $29.99 or rent one for $7.99 per day.

Pool Services
No, it’s not a funeral. We have lots of services that we can provide ourselves, or arrange through an independent that has agreed to give our customers their best attention.

Pool Closings: Above ground from only $100. Inground from only $150. Distance and conditions can vary things a bit, so call for more information. Do it soon-anyone who’s any good is booked pretty solid with regular customers already.

Filter Cleaning: here at the store, for any DE (diatomaceous earth) or cartridge filter. There’s no way that you can clean this well at home. We use environmentally friendly methods, and at least one chemical treatment that is not available to the public. We use three high-pressure washes, a bioslime killing soak, an oil removal spray and mineral removal spray. It’s only $19.99 if you bring in the elements, and a bit more if we have to take your filter apart and put it back together.

Inground Liner Replacement: This is the time to do it. You’re not using the pool, you’re probably going to drain it anyway, the liner company is finally caught up with making liners for new pools. Call, or come in and look at the samples. Standard liners start at only $599.

New Winter Products
Are you tired of your above ground pool cover blowing all over the place? Maybe a deck or fence makes it difficult to tighten the cable? Our Quick Cover Clips will securely clip your cover to the top rail of most pools. Only $.99 each.

Do you have a hard time removing that little threaded part in your Hayward pool return fitting? That’s probably because you don’t have a Hayward Return Removal Tool. It’s made to fit right into those two slots that you were trying to bang with a hammer and a screwdriver. Only $1.90.

Do the water tubes around your inground pool cover break constantly? It might be because you’re over-filling them. It could also be from dogs, cats and other pests. And, they just plain break—you should expect to lose one or two every winter. This will never happen again, with Aqua Blocks. They are 3 feet long, made from the same material as an ice cube tray, and have a cover to prevent evaporation. Fill with water, sand, or anything heavy. They nest inside each other for easy storage when empty. Only $6.99 each, or a case of twenty for $119.99.