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Friday, August 3rd, 2012

It’s not too late to join Seasonal Reward$.  Applications are in the store, or on the Sales and Specials page of our web site.  Am I making a big deal of it?  No, too many people have already signed up.  I expected us to take four years to get where we were by May fifteenth.  We are going to be emailing around $80,000 worth of gift certificates to members in January!

As of this writing, we still have not solved our mailing list problem, though we may be getting closer.  If you asked us to switch you to an emailed newsletter, or if you wanted to be off our mailing list, we may have missed something in time for this one.  Why?  Because we have over 30 mailing lists (it’s a long story).  I really hoped to have that problem solved by this newsletter, so that every name and address is only on it once, with some interests, and we can make sure that all corrections take.  We have hired a consultant to write a program for us, but I probably won’t know until we start printing, if we are able to get it done in time.

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