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Open House

Come in and buy everything you need before the April Sale ends, then come back Sunday, May 7th for a Backstage Pass to our entire operation. From 10:00 A.M. until noon; we’ll have the pool park, the warehouse and the office open for you to meet our behind-the-scenes team members. Have you ever wanted to see what’s upstairs? Now’s your chance. Ever wonder how we get that big hot tub into the hot tub testing room? It’s bigger than the door!

We’ll serve a very nice breakfast; give away door prizes, free samples and gifts; and answer all of your questions. Meet factory representatives from our vendors. We’ll have plenty of time to talk, because we won’t be selling anything—we’re not going to be opening the cash registers until noon. Sorry, but we can’t do both safely at the same time. Weather permitting, we’ll have product demonstrations out in the pool park. Come play ball with Vito, or tuggie with Dixie, Valentine and Jada. See if I actually cleaned my office!

If you can’t make it for the Backstage Pass time (10-12) come in from 12-5 for prizes, gifts and other “goodies”. See you there.