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For the first time in our 35 year history, we are putting special order patio furniture on sale in April.  Who puts things on sale that they don’t even carry?  Plus, all of our stock patio furniture is on sale at the same prices we normally only run in February and March.  Why?  Honestly, because the weather has shifted, and we now get March weather in April (and August weather in September).  So make a trip of it – shop for both pool and patio supplies in April.

Did you experience any damage to your pool this winter?  Are you sure?  Go look now.  People who don’t look at their pool until June tenth when they open it are:  A.  Opening it too late, and B.  In a long waiting list for repairs or uncommon parts.

If you find something wrong, give us a call and we’ll guide you to a solution.  We do offer discounts to our own good customers for certain replacements.  For information on some forms of winter damage, or for insurance estimates, read the information on the Pool Tips™ pages of our website.  Look for Winter Damage or Insurance Estimates.

We split up the blog on our website, so that informational articles are in a traditional blog setting, and copies of our weekly internal employee news are on a section of our Publications section, called Internal News.  You might find those moderately interesting, and each one includes a joke of the week!  Every other week in March through July, we will be running blog posts by Ann on fire pits and patio furniture with much more details and “behind the scenes” information.

Anne-Marie had a big project this winter, to upgrade our hardware and software for improved credit card security.  You will see all new credit card machines, you sign on a screen now, and everything is encrypted.  We can now take credit card payments for hot tub service on Paul’s smart phone at your house, and we can take Apple Pay here at the store.

Unfortunately, we can’t do refunds or additional payments on a credit card on file any more, because we can’t access any credit cards – there is no longer anything on file!  Each time, you’ll have to call us and re-read the card information. Welcome to the new technology.