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Other News

We’re in the middle of some major energy upgrades.  We just redid all of the lighting except the ones we upgraded a few years ago.  The store got energy-saving bulbs and ballasts.  Offices got the same, plus motion sensors to turn lights off.  The warehouse got an entire new system with motion sensors to just light the area where we are working.  We expect to save 450 metric tons of CO2 in the next ten years just from this.  Over the summer, we will be continuing ourenergy audit to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

Do you collect Seasonal pens?  Bic has brought back the bright orange barrel that so many of you liked in the early 1990’s.  This year, we paired it with medium blue trim. This will be a limited edition, because that was a really bad color to use if you want to read our phone number!  The pen 15 years ago had navy trim.  We are starting this spring with 750 of last year’s pen, plus we found 100 of the 2008 orange metallic “Target Store of the Year” pen, 100 of the white/navy pen from 2000 to 2005, and 300 of the navy/orange pen from 2006 to 2009.  Pat must have cleaned out his back seat!  So, pick up some Seasonal history while it lasts.

The Open House was a big success last year, and the calendar seems to be allowing us room for another one this year.  We need a Sunday with no April Pre-Season Sale that is not Mother’s Day, and not too close to Memorial Day.  So come in now, while everything is on sale.  Then come back on Sunday, May 15th for drawings, store tours, pizza, brunch, meet-the-rep, and other surprises!

Finally, go look carefully at your pool right now, and make sure it has not experienced any winter damage.  If so, let’s get started with insurance or contractor repair quotes. When you hear about roofs caving in during the winter, you know it was a bad enough winter to do serious damage to swimming pools, too.