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Outdoor Kitchens

by Dennis DiPaolo

Our grill department has been a huge success, as people come to us looking for something that will last a long time.  For that matter, how about something that makes the food taste better?

Napoleon Prestige is our most popular brand.  Made in the USA, with a lifetime warranty*, and a very wide variety of models and price ranges. These are much higher quality than hardware store and big box grills, at the same price. We also have their Mirage series that is imported, but also with a lifetime warranty* – at much lower prices than the chains.

Want great tasting food?  SABER infrared gas grills have a patented heating design that uses 30% less gas than any other grill.  Most important, they cook like the most expensive grills made (Viking, DCS, etc.); using direct infrared heat instead of hot air.  Look at one.  There is a thermometer for every burner, because you actually can set the heat that precisely!  By reducing air flow, you can cook high-fat foods with no flare-ups (it’s air that causes the flames).  We have cooked chicken, salmon, BACON! and Bubba-burgers (30% fat) on the same grill at the same time, at different temperatures.  The fat from the bacon and burgers didn’t flare.  It became tasty smoke and flavored the meat right above it.  The fat never gets down to the burners and never gets to the collection pan.  It goes 100% to flavor the food.  If you taste the food, you’ll toss your old grill and only cook with a SABER.

Many foodees own two grills:  a gas grill, and a charcoal grill.  Usually, the charcoal grill is a Kamado-style ceramic cooker.  Much more than a grill, a ceramic cooker is also a smoker, and a pizza oven.  Our Saffire cookers are the best of them.  Highest quality materials, best warranty, and features that make smoking and cooking easier:  add wood chips for smoking without opening the cover (which lets out the smoke), and add charcoal while you are still cooking!  Once again, with a lifetime warranty*.

We also now represent America’s highest-end grill line:  Twin Eagles.  These grills are so well-made, and so beautiful that they are rarely purchased as a free-standing grill.  However, when you are building a $10,000 or $30,000 outdoor kitchen, it makes no sense to use shop-quality appliances from a building center. 

Putting an $800 grill head in a $5,000 granite island doesn’t make a lot of sense when you are going to have to find a new head to fit in the space in five years.

If you want us to design a complete island with all of the appliances for you, we can do that.  We have a nice sample in our grill department right now.  And if you want us to work with your landscaper or mason to supply appliances worthy of your total investment, we can do that, too.  If your contractor is one of our contractor-customers, we can even supply almost every major brand of outdoor appliances to him at the same price he would pay his distributor.  Most important, if you care about the appliance quality or the food quality, let us help you shop.  We probably know more about various brands of grills than your mason.  Certainly, we can show you more, and we stock parts.