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by Dennis DiPaolo

Big happenings here, this winter.   Mia and Stephanie were both promoted to Assistant Manager.  We now have the strongest store management team since Pat was Assistant Manager and his father was Store Manager.

Mia and Stephanie have been very busy with management training by Pat, me, online, and in classrooms.  They are both just finishing up the Dale Carnegie course in Massachusetts.  They both also went to the Aquabot factory in New Jersey for a three-day course that got us re-certified as a National Service Center for them.

Jeanne and I went to a pool vendor show in Connecticut (Ok – Mohegan Sun), and Ann and her husband Tim, went to the Dominican Republic for the Baquacil Dealer meeting.  It’s tough work, but someone has to do it!  Ann was very impressed with a charity project that was part of the dealer meeting, and she has written about it on page 3.

Our store was featured in a magazine article (Seasonless Sales) in Patio and Hearth Products Report – a national trade journal.  You can read it on the “In the News” page of our website; along with an article on us that ran in Casual Living a few years ago.

Mia and Paul are celebrating their five-year anniversaries with us in April.