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Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

by Dennis DiPaolo

Mia had her new baby, Paxton Robert (7 lbs., 10 oz.), on February 28; the day after Honor’s third birthday!  She and Robert pick great names for their children.  We hope to see her back from maternity leave real soon.   

Landon graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in January, with a B.A. in Environment Science.  Not in five or six years like many young people these days, but in 2 ½ years; while he continued to work here.  How did he do that?  He finished his first semester of college while he was still in high school and then continued to take every class that he could.  We are hoping to have him here for the summer before he goes on to graduate school or a job in his field.

Tod and Lynn were married in November, and Rose and Chester were married in December.

Patrick spent a week at the Northeast Pool Show in Atlantic City.  Two weeks later, he and Stephanie took classes at Mohegan Sun.  They were both certified for Aquabot repairs, Pat also trained on energy-efficient pumps, and Stephanie trained on pool constructionSeth is going to Oregon for hot tub training with Marquis.

Stephanie celebrated her fifth anniversary with us on April ninth.  She will graduate from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in May, and student-teach September to January.  We are hoping to keep her here summers even after she gets a full-time teaching position.

Stephanie and Mia were promoted to Team Leader, and they both fill in as acting Store Manager or Assistant Manager when Pat and Victor are out.

Our classroom has been reserved by several manufacturers doing training just for us, or combined with other local stores.  Right now, it’s SABER infrared grill assembly, Saffire smoker cooking, Aqua Comfort heat pump repairs, Dolphin/Maytronics cleaner repairs, Marquis Spas, and Aquabot repairs.  Plus, lots of our people are expected to go to Bioguard, Baquacil and Pentair training in Massachusetts during March and early April.

We handled a Make-A-Wish hot tub for a young girl named Alexis last fall; our second in 2012.  We really didn’t do very much for this one ourselves, but Joe was good enough to handle the delivery and set-up. 

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