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In April, I told you about people having major anniversaries with us this year:  Joe (20), Patrick (15), Jim(10), Anne-Marie (10), Ann (5), and Seth (5).  Turns out I missed two!  Jen, our bookkeeper and Roz from the Sales and Service team also reached five years.  I guess it’s karma.  I forgot to tell you about Jen, and she forgot to tell me about Roz!  Anyhow, congratulations and thank you to all.

We had three graduations in June.  Kristine graduated from Nashua High South, and is planning to stay with us. Kyle graduated from Hollis/Brookline, and is headed to UNH with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Secondary Education.  Josh graduated from Souhegan, and is going to University of Pittsburg; majoring in Civil Engineering.  

Samantha graduated from New Hampshire Technical Institute inConcord with certifications in Dental Technician and Orthodontics Technician.  She has already started working full time in her field. 

Our loss was the country’s gain this summer, when Landon was accepted to an internship at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston!  He was good enough to help us out weekends when he could, and we seriously missed not having him here six days a week.  But how do we compete with this?  Landon’s major is Environmental Science, and the Fed had him researching their policies and practices looking for their impact on the environment. 

We try to hire the smartest, most ambitious high school students we can find (have you met Becca yet?).  The ones we keep through college (like Landon, Stephanie, and Trina) are seriously accomplished young adults.  You are in good hands when they are helping you. 

In July, we helped Make-A-Wish with a Marquis hot tub for a young boy named Julian.  I think this was our sixth or seventh hot tub with them, and somewhere about 495 for Marquis.  Joe was a lot of help with this one; with site visits, location advice, testing, coordinating, and a long distance delivery.  We are about to start on another one for a young girl in Massachusetts.  I haven’t met her family as of this writing, but I hope to have it installed by the end of August.