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You need to get a computerized water balance test done within three or four weeks before closing your pool. It’s actually more important than the test most of you do around the pool opening. We will do your test for FREE; even though it costs us $10 to do it. We have the best equipment, the best software, and by far the best-trained lab technicians. According to the three primary pool water lab software companies, we operate the largest pool store lab in the country. You should be doing three water balance tests a year: opening, closing, and mid-season. We will do the first six tests each year for FREE. That’s $60 worth of free tests every year, for free!

Got algae? Generally, that’s because you did not keep up with your chemistry, however it could also be because of fertilizers in your water: nitrates, nitrites, or phosphates. If you think that might be the problem, ask us to test for them.

To chemistry: your chlorine and algaecide has to always be in the water, and your pH has to be right for the chlorine to work. That’s why Baquacil users rarely get algae. People who only use algaecide when they get algae actually don’t save any money: it takes more to kill it than it does to prevent it. Even worse, we only get three beautiful days a summer! Why would you take a chance on missing two of them while you fought an algae bloom? You know, you mostly get algae when it’s hot out.

Whether curing or preventing algae, make sure you use the best tool for the job.  Green algae is a plant that lives on chlorophyll.  There are more than 7,000 different species in existence, and they are killed most readily by the three common algaecide types: Quat, Copper, and Polyquat. If you want to know more, ask us, or come to our chemistry class.

“Black Algae” is not really algae – it’s an aquatic photosynthetic bacteria called cyanobacteria that is closely related to “Pink Algae”, “Pink Slime”, or “Red Tide”.  These growths are difficult to treat. Actual algaecides are not much help, though most stores will sell the appropriate treatment in their Algaecide Department because our customers think they have algae.

“Mustard Algae” is a third growth that is much like “Black Algae” and also requires a chemical that’s not really an algaecide.  Generally, the same product treats the “yellow” and the “black”.  The take-away here is to use the right product for the job.  Use yellow, mustard, or black “algaecides” only for those colors, and use real algaecide for green algae. They are not the same.

Most important, ask for help and follow our Pool Tips™ for Algae.  Following the right order is ten times more important than how much money you spend. Doing it right the first time is faster and cheaper than doing it wrong four times.

Speaking of algae, if you have one of those Bolt-on “elephant” covers, you are probably used to gross green water when you open your pool.  That no longer needs to be the case.  Use Winter Green 12, after closing, and your opening will be much easier.  People who have used it have raved about how well it works, and it’s only $9.99 a bottle.

Got a salt-water pool using a salt-to-chlorine generator?  Remember that your generator and its salt level indicator work poorly under 60oF, and should actually have a function that disables it some place between 50oF and 59oF so you don’t ruin it.  That means you will need to manually add chlorine at the beginning and end of every season.  The best type will be a powdered dichlor like Target Chlorinating Granules or Bioguard Super Soluable. Ask us to show you.

Also, we bought a salt cell testing station so we can now clean and test your salt cell (electrodes) from almost every brand.  It only costs $39.99, and takes a couple of days.

We have Internet Filters now.  I bought them as an experiment, because they are half the price of decent filters.  Now I don’t even want to sell them!  What are Internet Filters?  When you shop for a pump or filter online, you often see a brand-name logo on the top of the page:  and one expensive item that no one ever buys that is actually from that company.  The rest of the items on that page are Chinese knock-offs that look just like the good ones.  At half the price!  However, getting parts is difficult and the Chinese factory doesn’t stand behind them. 

So, want a wonderful price on something that’s a much lower price than everything else here?  Willing to take a gamble on future parts?  We’ll make it worth your while.  Say $249.97 for a Complete Sand Filter System.