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Products and Prices

A lot of prices went down this year.  Some because we changed sources, some because I took a closer look at every item in the pool department.  Almost nothing went up. 

We completely revamped the Toy and Game department, with more than sixty new items.  Remember how there was hardly anything left last August?  I was preparing for the all-new program.  I added many lower-priced items, and also a new line of higher-quality lounges and boats by Solstice.  We expanded our Dive Site collection of the same masks, snorkels and fins sold in dive shops, at much lower prices.  Have you noticed that we carry Z-Leader racing goggles?  If you swim competitively, you know they are the best.

The big news is probably above ground pool liners.  In general, prices came down because the price of oil came down.  Then, we were forced to put every Sharkline liner on clearance because they stopped making their own liners and started buying them from a liner company with a different selection.  We also added a new, higher-quality liner option called Perma 30.  We can show you the samples and specifications here.  I doubt that anyone around here has them, because Perma 30 represents less than 2% of all liners sold nationally.  They are 50% better than the most popular liners made.

This was really a rough winter, especially the “snowicanne” at the end of February.  If you have an above-ground pool, go out and check it carefully right now.  If you need an insurance estimate, or a repair, or a new liner, you don’t want to wait until the end of May to start on it.

We have two new automatic pool cleaners this year:  The Dirt Devil Avenger II and the Dirt Devil Pool Boy Hybrid.  The Pool Boy is $393.99 after the rebates during the April Sale.  It’s an inground robot that is priced low enough to use in an above ground pool.  It can handle dished out pools and slopes up to 30◦.  It won’t vacuum a vertical wall, but I’ll bet you’ve never vacuumed a pool wall either!

The Avenger II, at $959.99 during the April Sale, is the most efficient pool cleaner I have ever seen.  Its on-board computer calculates your pool’s size and shape in order to clean it as quickly as possible.  That makes it the most energy-efficient cleaner made.  Another Seasonal Green Solution, the Avenger II warns you when the debris bag is full and even offers you a choice of a permanent machine-washable bag or disposable bag.  Save $740 and we will throw in a FREE $190 value cart, too! 

Pentair Dynamo pool pumps came down in price.  We also have a closeout special on many more Pentair pumps and filters – because Pentair is coming out with new models.  They won’t last through May, though.  If you think you will need a high quality pump or filter, come in today.

Last summer, we liquidated lots of patio furniture at prices way below our cost, in order to move out of two warehouses.  We think we can do it for only a month or so this year and then we will be completely out.  Check out the sets under the big “clearance” sign.  Almost everything there is very limited in quantities (usually the last one) so be prepared to grab the bargain when you see it.

We put in another major computer upgrade this winter, with new servers and software.  Water labs and credit cards are now way, way faster.  We are trying to respect your time.