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What a year for automatic pool cleaner sales!  Our Maytronics robotic cleaners were a huge hit – the best quality, full featured cleaners that we have ever carried for anywhere near the prices ($799 to $1,299).  We blew through a summer’s worth by May tenth, and we were at four summer’s worth by the Fourth of July!  However, no one was buying our less-expensive cleaners; forcing us to drop the prices on them down to under $150!

So, if you are one of the few people left who doesn’t have an automatic pool cleaner, come see what we have left.  It takes most of the work out of pool care, while increasing circulation – which keeps the water clearer and warmer. 

Did you know that we have a Pool Service department?  We can install and repair almost anything we sell:  filters, heaters, automatic chlorinators, safety covers, hot tubs, and more.  We don’t install above ground pools or liners, but we have a directory with prices and contacts available to anyone who buys one from us.  We have pool services that we can recommend for openings, closings, and weekly maintenance, plus someone for inground liner replacement and diving to find leaks in liners.  So, if you need something done, call us.

If you read our blog (find the link on our web site), you may have noticed this note:  when people ask me for a pressure gauge, I grill them on how they use it before giving them the same one they have been using. Most of the time, I find out that the reason theirs broke is because they have been using the wrong one!  You need the face of the gauge to be vertical, so that rain that leaks into it will leak back out.  However, that means you have to bend over to read it.  What people like, is the face being horizontal so you can just look down on it.  So they break more often. 

And if you don’t read our blog, check it out.  Behind-the-scenes news, training, announcements, happenings – and a joke of the week!

Remember:  Baquacil CDX now comes in ½gallon bottles, at ½ the price of the former gallon bottles.  And there are now four bottles in a case instead of two.  No cheaper.  No more expensive.  Only one difference to you:  if you don’t need an entire gallon because you have a small pool or it’s the end of the year, you can now buy a smaller container.       

Our grills were also very successful this summer.  In fact, the $1,600 one kept selling out as fast as we could get them in!  Why?  People who research grills online, find out how great Napoleon grills are, especially for the money:  on clearance from $399.97 (#1300) to $1,799.97 (#4949).  Here’s the thing:  Made in USA and Canada with a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor.  So once you get tired of buying a $300 grill every three years, try a $500 grill and make it the last one you ever buy.  It’s cheaper, safer, and easier that way.