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Seasonal Reward$

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

by Dennis DiPaolo

Our two loyalty programs seem to have been very popular.  We sent out almost $70,000 in gift certificates last January.  The largest was for more than $600.  If you did not sign up last year, you missed out.  Don’t let that happen again!  Seasonal Sense is our snail mail program.  Seasonal Reward$ pays 650% more than Seasonal Sense, in exchange for letting us email advertising to you instead of mailing.

How much advertising?  In the past year, not counting sending out the gift certificates – once.  Might we do more some day?  Probably, but only if we have something important and valuable for you.

You can learn more in the store, below, or in the “Sales and Specials” section of our website.  Don’t miss out – it’s like getting free money!

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