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Seasonal Reward$ and Sense

by Dennis DiPaolo

Lots more people have been joining Seasonal Reward$, our email-based program, and Seasonal Sense, our post-office program.  If you joined the wrong program, let us know.  Sense is a loyalty program that pays you by a gift certificate in the mail, at the end of the year.  Reward$ pays 6 ½ times as much as Sense, in exchange for allowing us to email advertising and announcements to you.  How much?  In the past eighteen months of the program, it’s been exactly once; in March 2013 for the big Patio Furniture Sale.  We might do it again around now, so you can find out about the August Clearance before we start running out of things.

However, it is amazing how many people either didn’t get their gift certificates or just deleted them without opening them.  We send everyone who joins Reward$ an email a week later just to make sure we got your address right so you’ll get your credit.  About 35% of people never answer–so we never know! We understand it when your email address is “Bobsjunkmail@junk.com”.    But if you are just spam-blocking us, we don’t know.

Anyhow, if you don’t want to get or open our emails, just ask us to switch you to Sense, so you still get something.