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Silly Season Begins Next Month

by Dennis DiPaolo

All of us in New Hampshire have a unique opportunity coming up; as pool closing season overlaps with the run-up to a Presidential Primary.  Only inNew Hampshire do we get the opportunity every four years to have a future President mow our lawn, buy us lunch, or perhaps even close our pool!

Well, this year, that will be only if the next president turns out to be a Republican.  I doubt that we’ll see President Obama going door-to-door like he did four years ago.

A little editorial here:  we and Iowa are very fortunate to have the chance to participate in such a personal way in a process that the other 48 states do not get. And, as well as we do with it, it’s only a matter of time before other states put a stop to it.

You don’t have to already support a candidate (or the entire party) in order to go to an event and see how it works.  Remember, we get the government that we deserve.  And a passionate crazy minority will always win as long as the rational majority doesn’t bother to participate.

Back to swimming pools:  If you are going to close your own pool, come to a FREE Pool Closing School in September.

Classes are not just for beginners. I see people who have owned a pool for ten or twenty years coming to a class every few years. They tell me that they just have to pick up one new idea to make the 90 minutes worthwhile.  I add something to every class every year as I learn more, think of something else, Trina tells me I’m not doing it the way she does it, or techniques improve.  Above Ground Classes are August 31 and September 14. Inground Classes are September 7 and 21.  Please call to reserve your seat. Details are on the back page.