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Take It Easy™

Sunday, April 25th, 1993

We Guarantee clear, algae-free pool water, or we pay to clear it up. Your cost is lower than FREE.

We want to make your pool care simpler, easier, cheaper, and problem-free. You don’t have to change chemical systems. You just have to use your current system correctly.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Personal Pool Calendar. All on one page, what to do, and when, for the entire season – based on your pool and schedule.
  • T.I.E. Hotline. Our private, unlisted phone number – so that you can get through for questions and advice – even on busy days when our main number is jammed.
  • Algae-Free Guarantee. We will pay for the chemicals to cure green, blue-green, black, mustard and pink algae; plus pink, red and clear bacterial slime; plus gray and white water mold; or any other growth. (Note: this has changed slightly since 1993).
  • Clear-water Guarantee. We will pay from half to all of the chemical costs to clear up chronically cloudy water.
  • Free Winter Kit. We’ll give you a winter chemical kit worth more than your registration fee. It’s as if we were paying you to join!

Here’s what you do for us.

Maintain your pool to the minimum standards recommended by the Board of Health, Bioguard®, Baquacil®, and Target™. Keep most of your chemicals within the same brand, and purchase at least half of them from us.

Want to know more?

Details, specifications and procedures are in our TAKE IT EASY™ brochure, and are available in the store for your review. Please call or come in if you have any questions or wish to register. We have more information on our Take It Easy page. Click here to transfer.


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