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We are Named the 2004 New Hampshire Store of the Year

Saturday, September 25th, 2004

by Dennis DiPaolo 

Governor Benson gave a very nice talk at the New Hampshire Retail Merchants Association Awards Banquet on April 20th, telling us what a great job his administration is doing for the State of New Hampshire and the 8,000 retail establishments in the state.  I had no idea there were so many stores in New Hampshire, but it does make sense.  It seems like there’s 5000 just in Salem and Nashua!

Then they announced the 2004 New Hampshire Stores of the Year.  We won for individual store, and Miltners Shoes/Bootleggers (they’re mostly in the Lakes Region) won for best chain of stores.  Jeanne and I were proud, happy and honored to accept on behalf of our entire team.  I don’t know who nominated us, but the Awards Committee contacted me in February with a request to give them written answers to questions on our customer service, charity work, employee practices, financial strength etc.  I included copies of some very nice letters that some of you have written to us,  and I suspect that the Awards Committee knew something of our reputation.  In any case, we won!

In celebration, I created a special, limited edition Seasonal Pen that we’re giving away with any purchase.  If you have a collection of Seasonal Pens at home, you’ll want to add this one.  Based on how many we lose every year, some of you have some pretty good collections!  In fact, I’m thinking about some contests next year for collections of different Seasonal Pens and Seasonal Water Sample Bottles.

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