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Thank you for another great year

by: Dennis DiPaolo

No babies this year—unless you count Valentine (Vito’s adopted sister). She’s the kissingest puppy that we’ve ever seen, and she’ll be on duty this summer entertaining your children.

Sales were up—thank you very much. Eric Spurling became the first recipient of a $2200.00 Seasonal Specialty Stores College Scholarship. We paid off our business mortgage on December 20th-now it really is all ours!

If you’ve been receiving our billiard newsletters, you already know that we opened a billiard pro shop inside Maxamillians Billiard Hall on DW Highway in Nashua. We are also sponsoring the largest amateur eight-ball tournaments in New England. The February Grand Slam™ brought 100 players from every state in New England during a major blizzard. The March Madness™ (I’m writing this before the tournament) is scheduled to bring in over 250 players!

My mother died last Mother’s Day. The staff did a great job of covering for me at our absolute most critical time—but I still missed two weeks of rational thought. That caused the product shortages in June. I was also less patient than usual, particularly to one man around 4:00 on a Friday around the first week of June. If Eric or I remembered your name, I’d call you to apologize.

We have a new product line this year—Ducane gas grills. They run $440 to $1500, and we make no apologies for the price. If you want to buy the last grill that you will ever buy, with a lifetime warranty, already assembled, all aluminum and stainless steel, and worth every penny, come have a look.