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I just filled my brand new pool. Now what do I do?

I just filled my brand new pool. Now what do I do?

It is very important that the process described below happen very quickly. From the time that you begin filling, to the time that you start filtering and adding chemicals should be no more than four or five days in hot weather, to eight to ten days in cold weather. If you foresee a problem, please give […]

How much water do I have in my pool?

Assuming normal shapes and depths, here’s a chart. Otherwise, take a guess, or ask our water lab technician to re-figure it during your next water test. Round Metal Pools – Gallons Size 48″ 52″ 54″ 12′ 3,500 3,800 4,000 15′ 5,300 5,700 5,900 18′ 7,600 8,200 8,500 20′ 9,400 10,000 10,400 21′ 10,000 11,000 11,500 […]

I’m just opening my pool for the summer, using last year’s water. What do I do first?

Register for our FREE Pool School on Pool Opening. There’s some information on our Pool School Calendar page, and the actual schedule is posted in the store from April until October. Read the Pool Tips™ on Pool Opening. You can pick them up in the store, where we can review them with you and fill in the blank sections on chemical […]

I just bought a house with a pool. I’ve never taken care of one before. Who can help me?

We can. First, you have our sympathies. Pools are great, and they can be easy, but no one ever seems to leave the new homeowner directions, specifications, etc. That’s OK. We can teach you. We can probably get you directions to your equipment, even if you did not buy it from us. Here’s what we […]