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I just filled my brand new pool. Now what do I do?

It is very important that the process described below happen very quickly. From the time that you begin filling, to the time that you start filtering and adding chemicals should be no more than four or five days in hot weather, to eight to ten days in cold weather. If you foresee a problem, please give us a call, and we’ll find a shortcut or an alternative method.

  1. Your pool came with bright yellow and red safety and warning signs. If you do not have them, call your pool dealer, and they will probably be expressed to you immediately. If you purchased your pool from us, that’s definitelyYOU MUST ATTACH THEM TO THE POOL WHERE THEY ARE CLEARLY VISIBLE TO USERS, as shown in the manufacturer’s directions. Failure to do so shall greatly increase your personal liability in case of an accident, and void all manufacturers warranties. 
  2. Hire a licensed electrician to wire and ground the pool and filter. 
  3. Fill the pool until the water level reaches the middle of the through-wall skimmer. 
  4. Read all of your coupons and directions: pool, filter, and chemicals. Very carefully review all safety instructions and share them with family and guests. 
  5. If you purchased your pool from us, and you want someone to come out and give you a start-up and pool care lesson, call us for an appointment. We will probably need between 24 and 72 hours notice. You have received a discount coupon for this. If you did not purchase your pool from us, we’ll try to find someone that you can hire to tutor you; and you will pay full price. 
  6. Bring in a sample of pool water— at least 16 ounces. Use our water sample bottle or a clean, covered plastic or glass container. Take the sample from 18” below the water’s surface, and bring in within 24 hours. In order to avoid a second trip, call before coming in to make sure the water lab is open— and the line isn’t too long. All of our computerized water analysis is provided as a FREEservice. 
  7. Request a “Conversation-make-up water analysis” and let the technician and the person reading your test know that you are a new pool owner. Our lab personnel will check for total water balance, and give you a computer print-out showing current water parameters. The print-out will also describe how to balance the water (if necessary) and how to add your start-up chemicals. If you purchased a chemical package from us with your pool, you have received a discount coupon for balancing chemicals if you need any. Please follow these directions carefully, and in the order described. You also had a coupon for “Take-It-Easy” registration. Fill that out and leave it at the front counter when you are checking out. Our office will mail your customized care directions for the rest of the summer.