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We carry the most beautiful, comfortable, all-weather patio furniture by America’s leading makers.  Buy your set in-stock or made to your order in thousands of colors and styles.  Please visit our store to see, touch and relax in our huge display of furniture.  That is by far the best way to choose a product where style, color and comfort are important.  Every chair sits a bit different from others.  This is not the kind of product you should buy from a picture.

As a stocking store, we do not feel that we can properly offer our level of service to customers outside our selling area; which is whatever distance that you would be willing to travel to come to us.

If you are our typical customer, you’ve purchased plenty of “indoor” furniture, but other than some plastic stacking chairs, you’ve never bought “outdoor” furniture.  Or your set you bought from a Mass merchant three years ago needs replacing already.  We get many folks in our store who have learned that cheaper isn’t cheaper if it only lasts a few years.

Do your research.  Like any other first time purchase, it will pay off.  Research is as much to fine tune your thinking about what pieces you want to buy as it is to learn about what’s out there.  These are durable goods we sell, and you’ll be looking at your set for a long time. You’ll have it at least 15 years.  Be sure you love it!

When you come into our store you’ll see dining and seating sets in a variety of materials.  We carry tubular aluminum, wrought iron, teak wood, all-weather wicker and steel.  We have a wonderful in-stock selection but don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want if you don’t see it.  About half of our business is special orders.  Our experienced and talented staff are always ready to help find the perfect patio set for you.  All the frame samples and fabric swatches are here for you to choose what will work best for you.

Since we started selling high-end patio furniture over 25 years ago, the selection and technology of the materials used has improved amazingly.  Who else remembers the white PVC pipe furniture of the 80’s?  It was the perfect complement to our high hair and shoulder pads!!  The advances in durability and color-fastness of the fabrics gives you a huge array of choices that will hold up beautifully for years to come.

There are a few basics for you to know that will help you select the casual furniture that’s the perfect match for your taste, setting and budget. We’ve explained many of them in The Patio Book our Buyer’s Guide to the best in Patio and Casual Furniture.

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Consumer Reviews

“We have purchased a 24’ round pool package, patio furniture, and some miscellaneous items from your store. Every time we visited the store for advice or information, we have found the sales people very helpful and friendly.”
Mary & Nancy

“I was worried about getting the furniture through the door. Patrick brought a chair over the next day to try it. Good service!”