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Aluminum Furniture

The most popular type of furniture we carry is aluminum frame. It’s light, low maintenance, non-rusting, and versatile. An aluminum frame can have a cushion, a mesh sling, or vinyl straps. Some styles will stack if storage is a consideration for you.

Buying a set made in America means the metal isn’t contaminated with cheaper fillers and will really hold up.

Aluminum is a versatile frame material and there are so many frame styles to choose from. Some sit up straight are perfect for dining. If drinks and snacks are more your speed, look for a lounge style with an angled back.

Style, appearance, and comfort (along with price!) will be the main reasons you like one set over another. A strong factor is also maintenance. An aluminum sling chair is easier to keep up than most other options. Slings are scrub-able, making any mildew easy to remove. Because the sling dries out right away you can get less mildew anyway. Slings are also easily replaced. Whether they’re work out or you want a new look – replace those slings and your set will look brand new!

For by the pool, sling chairs are the best. You can sit in your wet bathing suit and dry out without leaving a puddle for the next person. Cushions are fine for outside too, but the thicker the cushion the longer it takes to dry out. Most people agree that cushions are more comfortable. Recent improvements in the fibers used means the cushions sit beautifully.