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Teak Furniture

The best wood for outdoors is teak; no contest. It is heavy and dense with an extremely tight grain. It also has a natural oil in it that gives it a long-lasting beauty. Styles in teak are usually clean lines, classic styles. Simple and elegant.

Teak is commonly used to build ships, a testament to the abuse it can take. You can clean and oil it to maintain its original color or let it slowly weather to a soft silvery grey color.

There are most definitely varying grades of quality in teak. The teak vendor we choose to work with, Barlow Tyrie, harvests from environmentally sound plantations. These plantations were stablished in Java, Indonesia by the Dutch in the mid-19th century. The Indonesian government limits the number of teak trees that can be cut down each year to ensure that reforestation always takes place. Barlow Tyrie started producing furniture in 1920 and is the oldest British teakwood outdoor furniture manufacturer. With experience like that, you can always be sure that you’re getting the finest teak furniture available.