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Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum Furniture

The most popular type is aluminum frame. It’s light, low maintenance, non-rusting and versatile. An aluminum frame can have a cushion, a mesh sling or vinyl straps. Some styles will stack if storage is a consideration for you.  Buying a set made in America means the metal isn’t contaminated with cheaper fillers and will really […]

Steel Furniture

Steel frame can also come in cushion, sling, or strap.  Because of the strength of steel there are certain styles that are best done in steel.  If you live in a windy spot you’ll like the weight of it.  If folks at your house are large or rough on things, steel can put up with […]

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron mesh chairs and tables were the original fast-drying, low maintenance  outdoor furniture. Again, if you live in a windy spot, breezes go right through and the decorative, sturdy frames will stay put. There are some contemporary designs available now in wrought iron but the strength of this category is in traditional designs; graceful rods […]

Wicker & Vinyl Furniture

Outdoor wicker is a man-made fiber wrapped around an aluminum wire. The favorite spot for outdoor wicker is a screened in porch. Between the wicker and a good acrylic fabric cushion, getting rained on is no problem. The Lloyd Flanders line of all-weather wicker is the best industry. They have a huge selection of chair, […]

Teak Wood Furniture

The best wood for outdoors is teak; no contest. It is heavy and dense with an extremely tight grain. It also has a natural oil in it that gives it long lasting beauty. Styles in teak are usually clean lines, classic styles, simple and elegant. Teak is commonly used to build ships, a testament to […]

Space Requirements

To help you plan, a good basic rule of thumb is that a 48″ round table and four chairs will need a 10’x10′ space while it’s being used. If you don’t want to dine outside, maybe seating is what you need. Figure chairs being about 30″ wide, loveseats 50″ and sofas around 75″. You can fit […]

Special Orders

  We take a great deal of pride in being the best casual furniture retailer for special orders. We encourage you to bring in paint, carpet or fabric sample so we can get the clearest picture of what will be right for you. We also encourage you to consider a special order: This is quality […]