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Pool Opening

I’m just opening my pool for the summer, using last year’s water. What do I do first?

  1. Register for our FREE Pool School on Pool Opening. There’s some information on our Pool School Calendar page, and the actual schedule is posted in the store from April until October.
  2. Read the Pool Tips on Pool Opening. You can pick them up in the store, where we can review them with you and fill in the blank sections on chemical additions. You can also read them by going to our Pool Tips  Index page.

In a hurry? Here’s a summary:

  1. Remove the cover, hook up the filter, add sand if needed, fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer, turn on the filter, add DE if needed, test the water with your kit. Adjust the pH to above 6.5 or below 8.2 if needed. Circulate the water for at least 24 hours.
  2. Bring in a sample of pool water— at least 16 ounces. Use our water sample bottle or a clean, covered plastic or glass container. Take the sample from 18” below the water’s surface, and bring in within 24 hours. In order to avoid a second trip, call before coming in to make sure the water lab is open— and the line isn’t too long. All of our computerized water analysis is provided as a FREE service.
  3. Request a pool opening water analysis. Our lab personnel will check for total water balance, and give you a computer print-out showing current water parameters. The print-out will also describe how to balance the water (if necessary) and how to add your start-up chemicals. Please follow these directions carefully, and in the order described.
  4. After balancing the water, you will be adding a normal shock, initial dose of algaecide, and initial or top-up dose of sanitizer.
  5. Brush pool, vacuum, and filter on high (if available) 24 hours per day until the pool clears up.