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Insurance Estimates

Comprehensive Insurance Estimate Directions

We can give you a free, quick quote right now, on how much we are charging today, for whatever we carry.

However, if you would like something more extensive; with back-up, labor, things that we do not stock, and more, we will need more time and information. Note that if we just gave you a quote at any sort of discount or sale price, we would also use that instead of the regular price when doing your insurance estimate later. Hopefully, the insurance company will pay you before the sale ends. So if you are planning to place a winter damage or warranty claim, do it after you are turned down by your insurance company. We will not give one price to you, and another to them.

1. If your pool cover has a lot of weight on it, and is endangering the pool structure, loosen it right away.

2. Please email photographs to me, at: DD@SeasonalStores.com; showing cause of damage and what was damaged. Include pool or spa interior, exterior, and cover. If you cannot provide photographs, you may hire our Service Department at their standard rates to send a photographer out to the site.

3. Give us your name, address, and phone number. If the product was purchased here, tell us when, and if it was under a different name (that can save us a few hours). Also, a sentence or two about what happened.

4. Tell us as much as you can on pool or spa size, depth, age, model, and manufacturer. If you know pool liner and cover quality or style, that would be great.

5. We will also use our receipts and the photographs to estimate what you do not know.

6. Also required: Your home water supplier: i.e. private well, or municipal water. We understand that large quantities of water will not come from your well.

7. What chemical system and brand do you run? Chlorine, bromine, Baquacil, FROG, Target, Bioguard, etc.

8. Anything else damaged?

9. Anything in the way of a repair; a deck or something?

10. When I receive your email, I will confirm it. If I have questions, I will email them to you.

11. Insurance estimates take a lot of work, usually end up being about eight pages, and are very comprehensive. We include much more than the products that we sell, plus an expert opinion on Actual Cash Value if your insurance company wants to depreciate anything.

12. Tell us if you want to pick them up at the store when we are done, or if you want them mailed to you. If you want them scanned and emailed, send us a check for $10.00, and give us a few extra business days (not weekends or holidays) for office staff to do it.

13. Our normal fee for a comprehensive estimate is $75. If you are a regular, existing customer, we will add it to your estimate, but we will not collect it immediately. If you are paid the $75 by your insurance company and you do not purchase the products from us, we would expect you to pay it to us then.

– Dennis

“I live almost 75 miles away and shopped in my area, and did not find a better product or a better price than Seasonal’s.”

John, East Alstead, NH

“It has been a pleasure to do business with you!”

Kathy & Lee, Nashua, NH