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Water Test Drop-Off

After-hours, or if you don’t want to wait: Leave your sample next to lab three or outside in our water test night deposit.

If you are willing to wait in the store: take a number or go to an open water lab. We will complete your test as soon as possible. If you wish to leave your sample here, we will complete your test as soon as possible— but not before the people who are here, waiting. If you come back and we have not started your test, and you wish to wait this time, take your bottle back and take a number.

If you are not waiting, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please fill out the test sheet found in the box or print it out from Water Test Drop-Off Sheet— even if your water has been tested here before. The sheet will explain which questions need to be completed each time.
  2. If your sample is not in one of our numbered sample bottles, pour your sample into one of our bottles, and write the number of your bottle on the test sheet. Once the sheet is separated from your bottle, we will need that number to keep things straight.
  3. Put your test sheet around your sample bottle with the rubber band. There are empty sample bottles to the right of water lab six, to the left of water lab three, and on the bottom two shelves of the night deposit. Leave them both on the counter, or on the top shelf of the night deposit. We will call or hold your results, as you note on the test sheet.
  4. Do not leave any of your bottles or jars here— we will throw them away. Feel free to take one of our sample bottles home with you.
  5. Save us both some trouble. If your pool is not full, and circulated for at least eight hours, we cannot give you accurate results. If you have shocked the pool in the last 36 hours, if your pH is below 6.5 or above 8.0, or if the water is very dirty, we cannot test accurately. If you use a metal container, or leave your sample in a hot car all day, your sample no longer reflects the status of your pool. If you have major problems to solve, just ask us to help. We cannot balance your pool with a sample less than 8 ounces. If you brought in less, we can do a test or two, but we cannot properly help you.

This is the most extensive and sophisticated pool water lab in New England. Depending on your needs, we can offer you up to 30 different tests, and the industry’s three best computer analysis programs. However, this is not magic, and we are not mind readers. We can determine water balance from a test, but we can’t tell how well your filter is working. If you have a problem to solve, discuss it with a senior pool technician after completing your test.