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Leak Detection and Repair

Leak Detection and Repair

The majority of people who tell us their pool is leaking are actually not correct. So before you hire an expensive leak detection company, let’s see if we can determine whether there is actually is a leak, and where it likely is. The Bucket Test             To be on the safe side, you should perform […]

Algae Treatment

__ Actual Algae: Green or Dark Green __ Actual Bacteria:  Black, Blue/Green, or Mustard For Pink, White, or Clear “Algae”, see Pool Tips™ on Bioslime.  Pool Size:                                               gallons  Sanitizer System:  __ Chlorine  __ Baquacil   __ Softswim   __Bromine    __ Other ____________    1.   Test sanitizer and pH levels.  Adjust the sanitizer to normal levels, and the pH to normal (7.2 to 7.6) […]

Bioslime III Background

Pink Slime, Clear Slime, White Water Mold, Gray Water Mold What is Bioslime? The industry’s two largest swimming pool water research labs (Biolab and Baquacil) have spent well into six figures trying to learn how to prevent bioslimes and how to cure them. First, some background:  What’s the problem?  Bioslime is a generic term for […]

Bioslime I: Treatment for Chlorine or Bromine ONLY

Pink Slime, Clear Slime, White Water Mold, Gray Water Mold  Treatment for Chlorine or Bromine For chlorine or bromine only.  See our Bioslime II  for treatments for  Baquacil or Ultra.  See the label instructions of Bioguard Assist for treatment for Softswim. Sanitizer System: _ Chlorine  _ Bromine   _Visions   _ Nature 2  _Ecospring   _Other ____________________ The Cheap, Easy Treatment […]

Bioslime II – Treatment for BAQUACIL®

Pink Slime, Clear Slime, White Water Mold, Gray Water Mold For Baquacil only. See Bioslime I for treatments for chlorine and bromine. Bioguard also has a different treatment that they have asked us to give you for Softswim that includes Bioguard Assist. The complete directions are on the back of that label. The Cheap, Easy […]

Chemical Safety: Commercial Pool & Spa

Almost all pool chemicals are environmental poisons, and many are dangerous oxidizers. Oxidizers don’t blow up, but they can burn so rapidly that it’s almost the same. Transportation For commercial purposes, you may need a federal driver’s license with a D.O.T. rider for hazardous materials handling, proper documentation in the front of the vehicle, showing […]

Cloudy Water

You Must Read All Of The Liability Agreement Before Taking Any Action, Especially All Safety And Liability Warnings. Pool Size: ______________________________ Gallons Sanitizer System:  Chlorine    Bromine  Baquacil/PHMB Is reading all of this too much work?  Want to just buy something and throw it in?   Here are some things to try:  Moderately Cloudy Water – Can see the bottom of the shallow end: 1.   Make […]

Converting from Baquacil® to Chlorine or Bromine

Remember to keep your filter running while adding any chemicals and for at least four to six hours after, in order to circulate the chemicals. Even better, run 24/7 until you’re done.  Since the process can easily take two or three weeks (or more), it is a better idea to do it in spring or […]

Converting from Chlorine or Bromine to Baquacil®

For best results, bring in a water sample for a computerized water balance and metals test before you start.  If you are starting with fresh water, skip steps one and three.  1.)  Remove chlorinating or brominating source (pill, stick, tablets, etc.), and make no further addition of these products. Disconnect the chlorine feeder if practical. […]

Ice Damage

Winter ice damage can happen to any vinyl-lined pool, though it is more commonly found in above-ground and on-ground pools than in-ground pools. Ice damage is generally considered to be an act of God, and so is not normally covered by manufacturers, or installers warranties. Thirty years ago, most homeowner’s insurance policies would cover ice […]