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This has to be one of the best customer service companies in the world. How do you create such a place?  How do you develop the crew?  The pool sample crew, pump rebuild crew, and chemical school crew are all excellent.  You direct me to a great solution, never any sales pressure, and am always comfortable looking around.  I leave wondering how do they screen and develop the help!

We’re a small school and our pool has been clean and steady using Seasonal for two years. Best I have seen.  Anyone says I have a pool problem – I say go to Seasonal Specialty Stores.

I was given an old 60,000 gallon inground pool which was green and very run down. In plain sight of Director’s window, I showed up and took a sample, and three days later was crystal clear.  I can say Seasonal Specialty Stores makes me look good, and that old pool look good.

Jeff, Wilton, NH – May 2011