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I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your employee Patrick is! I work retail and I know just how it can be.  In fact, you almost always hear the complaints and not the good things.  For this reason, I have decided to take a minute to tell you how great he is.

After fighting with my pool since last week to clear up cloudiness and an error in the initial water balance test at your store, Patrick personally asisted me on both Thursday and Friday night over the phone to help solve the issue. By today, the water has cleared and it appears we are corrected and good to go. He suggested I bring in a water sample today, which I did.  I waited to speak to him personally and even though he had a long line of people waiting for him (for good reason) and he was extremely busy, he had a smile on his face and did not rush anyone.  I really felt like a valued customer and he more than made up for the initial error.

This is our fourth season with our pool that we bought from you and even though I travel 40 minutes each way to patronize your store, I will continue to do so just because of the customer service levels you have with your employees, and especially with Patrick. I will continue to recommend your store to anyone in need of pools and pool supplies.

Thank you again for your great service.

Danielle, Londonderry, NH – June 6, 2011