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I can’t say enough nice things about Seasonal’s pool parts and chemical departments. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and are more than willing to take the time to figure out the cause of a problem.  I’m a first-time pool owner and my pool had significant issues.  I was forced to repair every piece of the system, including all of the piping.  Patrick came out to my house and gave me a run down of things that would need to be fixed immediately and the things that could wait.  When I went into the store after fixing one problem which showed that there was a problem with a different piece of hardware, Mia, Stephanie, and Patrick were exceptional at helping rebuild the system and diagnose the other problems, both in person and over the phone.  They genuinely cared about helping me fix the problem as if they had a vested interest themselves.  The guys in the lab who helped get the water clear were equally great.  I think it was Josh and Michael, who were friendly, easy-going, and very approachable in repeatedly testing my water samples to help me get it right.  Even the problems that were less common (pool water turning purple) didn’t phase them.  To the owners:  you’re definitely getting the customer service part of owning a business right.  You have some of the best, most helpful and caring employees any customer would want to work with and they deserve all of the accolades I can give.  The rewards program is another big perk of Seasonal.  The more you wind up spending at Seasonal, the more you receive in a rebate at the end of the year.  It’s a great system designed to keep customers, but with the incredible customer service and top-of-the-line products, why would you go anywhere else anyways?  Thank you all again for all of your help.

John, July 20, 2012