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Dear Dennis and Jeanne,

I received today your comment card. I was surprised and pleased as I have on several occasions begun drafting a letter of comment.

As I sat down to fill in the card, it became quite clear that it wasn’t big enough. I have shopped the store since the mid eighties, purchasing all my dart and billiard supplies. Recently when I was raving about the store to my family, my mother informed me that she bought patio furniture there years ago, and my sister buys all her pool and hot tub supplies there as well. So it isn’t an isolated incident!

I purchased a hot tub there in 1999.Patrick made the sale, he was very personable and had knowledge of the product and at no time chased the sale. He and Joe delivered it without incident despite cold and snow. After about two and a half years I had a problem with the pump/motor which was under warranty. Joe couldn’t have been more pleasant, quick to respond and explained what had happened in a way that was matter of fact and understandable. I was enjoying the tub again in no time at all.

This past summer the pump/motor quit again. I stopped in to see Patrick, I was a little overwhelmed to have a problem again, and my demeanor was apparent. He impressed me with his cool, calm manner and had Joe come out to help me. Again, the pleasant calm manner in which each of them helped me had me laughing by the time I left. Joe fixed the problem and followed up with calls to make sure everything was running properly.

When I was in the market for a pool table, I didn’t have to think twice where to go! Again, I went right to Joe and Patrick because they have never disappointed me! I purchased the table, a nice heavy cover for good measure and bought a new set of darts on my way out!

In this fast paced, get ‘em in get ‘em out climate of retail and lack of customer service, I have to applaud Seasonal. Whatever you are doing to keep these standards it is working. When customers are as pleased and respected as I have felt, it is a WIN WIN situation. I appreciate every little kindness, it goes a long, long way. I even decided to pay for the postage myself by writing this letter (smile).

Jaffrey, NH – March 6, 2006