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Dear Seasonal Store:

Thank you for still being concerned about us and our pool. We live in a small town called West Milan, NH, about 10 miles north of Berlin. We have a swimming pool and supplies store in Berlin and also one in Gorham, NH, about 9 miles and 15 miles away. Oddly enough, last May we took a 150 mile ride to Merrimack to visit you folks and purchase a pool from Seasonals. You were referred to us by my uncle in Nashua, NH, who also bought a pool from you. We are glad that we went the extra miles to save money and find friendlier people.

I would like to give a special thanks to Chris. When I spoke with him over the phone, he did not know me, or if I was calling just for a joke. All he knew was that we were traveling 150 miles and gave him an estimated time of arrival on Saturday morning. He took the time to go to the store extra early to have all the supplies, hardware and everything else we needed ready to be loaded when we arrived. Thanks again, Chris, you saved us over one hour on our journey.

The pool was in full operation about three weeks later. We enjoyed it well and we will be returning to visit for a season’s supply of chemicals. Again, we could travel only 9 or 15 miles, but we prefer to deal with you people. The date today is April 12 and the pool is still frozen. The little bit of water we started to see froze overnight again. It was only 18 degrees this morning. I hope by the middle of June we can swim.

We are considering purchasing a pool table. When we visit you in a month or two, maybe you could give us information on them. We traveled to buy a swimming pool, we are not afraid to travel to buy a pool table.

Thanks again,
Al and Tonya
West Milan, NH