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Dear Seasonals,

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful your store and employees are. Everyone is very willing and happy to help me (even with the stupid stuff). I use all Baquacil products and love them. When I have a question, I can just call your store and get a truthful answer.

In the beginning when I was looking for a pool, I was stupid and went to another store, figuring I would get excellent customer service, knowledge, etc. We did purchase a pool and whole set from them. BIG MISTAKE! Long story shortened, after months of headaches, phone calls and run arounds, we told them to come get their pool and we wanted our money back. We were very sour on pools at that point and decided not to get one. Then, months later, we went into your store – just looking around and wound up buying a pool. Your sales staff was nice to work with and very accommodating (we’ve even referred people to you). We love our pool, products and help of everyone at Seasonals. Thanks for being there for us and helping us enjoy hot summer days.