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To Dennis, Jeanne, and all of the staff:

I just want to say “Bravo!” I love this idea and what a brilliant way to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This will be our third season with our above ground pool. We have enjoyed it, even with our typical New England weather. I have spoken highly about Seasonal to anyone who asks about our experience. I tell them that the quality is top of the line. I also tell them that the staff there is friendly, knowledgeable, and seem to really care abut my concerns as a new pool owner.

To answer your questions, yes, you have done your job. Very well. The products are great and the team unbeatable. They handled every crisis no matter how big or small, with speed, accuracy, patience and a smile. I was also made to feel that I was welcome back and that they were just a phone call away because it is a forty minute drive for me.

To sum this up, I am very satisfied with all that Seasonal has to offer. Yes, I do tell everyone who is considering a pool for their family that Seasonal is the only place to go, (I did the shopping around). You have friendly, knowledgeable staff and I think the best quality in product and service. Kudos to you.

I am looking forward to another great season.