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Oct. 62012

October 6, 2012

► A Service and Repair Report Card was received from an anonymous customer that had their hot tub repaired.  This person rated us Excellent on all 17 points.  “Paul and Joe were competent, considerate and concerned about our issues.  Thank you!” 

►    New everything starts Sunday, October 7th.  Advertising and Weekly Sales:  “Hot Fall Sale” Pool Table Sale (Pick Your Bonus), Above Ground Fall Clearance (see back of fall sheet), Hot Tub October Clearance (look at the 545 trade-in at $1,000 off).  The October Game Table Sale continues. 

►    There were 28 One-of-These Awards in September, eight for Customer Service.  Finalists were Landon, Mia, Seth, Anne-Marie, and Rose.  Owner’s Choice was Landon and Drawing Winner was Seth.  Congratulations to all.         

►    FREE food in the Coffee Shop Saturday, October 6. 

►    Congratulations and Happy 20th Anniversary to Joe.  We’ll have a cake in celebration in the Coffee Shop on Saturday, October 13.

►    If you have questions on your review, please ask me or the person who you question.  We could be wrong.  If you want to know more about next quarter’s goals, definitely ask.  Don’t lose money next quarter because you did not understand, or we asked too much of you.

►    The bags of Enhanced Shock by Spaguard are now 1/2 price.  That makes them a better deal than the 2 lb. bottles.

►    We now have printed directions for using an ice pillow.  They are kept on the front of the ice pillow box and at register one.  Try to give them to everyone buying one.  It will make them stop blaming you because you gave them a defective pillow that didn’t last if because they didn’t know how they are supposed to work.  And, maybe someone will buy a Pool Pillow Pal.

►    You remember Thomas Edison noting that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration,” I just heard an artist noting also, that “it’s 99% oyster and 1% pearl.”

   Submitted by Jeanne:  More alternate meanings for common words from the Washington Post:

        – Flatulence (n):  Emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.

        – Balderdash (n):  A rapidly receding hairline.

        – Testicle (n):  A humorous question on an exam.

        – Rectitude (n):  The formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.

Feb. 182019
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