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Aug. 312013

August 31st

►    We received a comment card from Laura D. from Keene, NH. She rated her general shopping experience excellent and said, “They were very helpful.” She also said in response to what we did really well, “Customer service was wonderful. I love my set! Keep up the great work!”

►    Advertising, weekly specials, and all department specials change Sunday, September 1st: Winter Pool Covers. This month’s color is gray.

►    We will extend the August Clearance Sale for one more day; to end at 5PM Sunday, September 1st.

►    The Polaris 380 mail-in rebate ends on September 1st.

►    We are CLOSED on Labor-Day, September 2nd. Please be careful when people call for store hours this weekend. If you say “Monday to Friday 10 to 8” They will think we are open Monday, and will be really mad if they drive here and we are closed.

►    In-ground Pool Closing School is Wednesday, September 4th, 7-8:30PM. If you are scheduled to 8:30 that day, it’s a mistake. Assume 9:15PM.

►    Assume that my schedule is very unpredictable for the next two months, so never tell anyone when you expect me. Tell them you don’t know.

►    Submitted by Jen,

Weekly Fire Alarm Tip: Never re-enter the building until you have been given an okay from the manager or the fire department to do so.

Fire alarm procedures are tested once a quarter. Your score on this test plays a part in the amount of your quarterly bonus. A complete answer key is returned with each graded test. If you would like another copy, please ask Jen.

►   Submitted by Stephanie,

Cashiers: Remember to check any bills larger than $20. I am seeing a lot of large bills at the end of the night not marked. Thanks.

►    There is a new item number for the spa delivery rebate so that it will say the correct thing on a sales order entered on the computer. It is on the sale sheet after the description of the rebate.

►    When you create Sales Orders in Retail Pro, you get to pick the order in which it prints. For instance, by description one, or by item number, or the same order you typed it (which is “Sequence Number”). There may actually be other options.

If you do not choose, Retail Pro will use whatever order the last person to use that work station used.

I assume you know this, and you always set it to be the order you typed. However, I was just looking at all the ones printed lately, and they are all in order of item number. Perhaps that’s a coincidence, perhaps that’s what you wanted. Perhaps you don’t care. But if you do care, you can fix it.

My thoughts are to do it in the manner easiest for the customer to read. I would think that would put the pool at the top, then the package, then the free stuff or the filters at the top, and the ball valve at the bottom. That’s how you always did it when you wrote it.

►    Things could be worse! Work place stories from Reader’s Digest:

“My boss likes to save pennies. How much? I caught him in the break room retrieving paper cups from the trash can and shoving them back into the dispenser next to the water cooler. He didn’t even bother wiping off the lipstick.” by Barbara B. Maryland



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