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Oct. 152013

October 12, 2013

►    Customer Feedback:  Cindy T., from Merrimack, NH stated that her general shopping experience with us was Excellent.  “Sales help were friendly, responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Andrew Menard – we came in a number of times to look at barstools and he was consistently friendly and attentive.”  Sales help and operations were rated Excellent.  “Consistently pleasant.”  Communication was good.  “Large sign had barstools!”  She would recommend us to a friend.  What can we do to improve?  “You should make sure Google picks up on your store when looking for barstools.  If I didn’t see the sign I wouldn’t have known.”  What do we do really well?  “Selection of barstools was impressive.”

►    All advertising, promotions, and specials continue from last week:  “Hot Fall Sale”.  This month’s color is purple.

►    We will be showing at the Souhegan Valley Expo at the Hampshire Dome on Thursday, October 17.

►   We (Mia, at least) are still finding yellow price tags on things – August Clearance Sale tags.

►    Submitted by Victor:  I know the reason why, but we cannot put tape over breakers.  It is a safety hazard.  We would fail a fire inspection.

Added by Dennis:  The breakers exist in order to shut off in a dangerous situation.  So when you tape one open, you can kill someone or set the building on fire – which could kill    a lot of people.  Even if you are the only one who dies, which would be at least fair, I am still going to have to deal with your family.

►    In the last two weeks, only one chlorine deposit mistake.  Cash refunds were all good, including four over $50 that actually had a manager’s approval.  Great job!  Thank you.

►    We just brought $231 worth of metal recycling to the Nashua Center:  $54 worth of aluminum, $135 in motors, and $42 in light steel.  All of it is going to charity, like our donations at the registers, and logo item purchases.  Thank you all very much for saving recyclables, especially the motors, which I often find in the dumpster.

►    Submitted by Anne-Marie:  Hold the date, our annual Wrap Party will be Saturday night, January 4, 2014.

►    Submitted by Jen, 

Weekly Fire Alarm Tip: Acting managers should alert the fire department by phone of any known details so that they are prepared once they get here.

►    FREE FOOD:  Cookies and pastries will be in the Coffee Shop this weekend:  October 12-13, while it lasts.  Actually, we will even keep leftovers out on Monday.

►    Note:  Monday, October 14 is Columbus Day, and Canadian Thanksgiving.  Expect to be a little more busy than usual, as some people (who don’t work in retail) will have the day off.

►    We now carry Ballistol Spray Lubricant.  Safe for almost any surface.  Excellent for lubricating and protecting safety cover pegs.

►    A photographer will be here Monday to take pictures of the store for a magazine article on us.  Please dress well and try to keep it presentable – especially the patio and grill areas.

►    I posted in the lunchroom an email from Patrick with a picture of the front door of Namco and a sign:  “No Chlorine”, plus some more.

►    It Could Be Worse:  Once after work, my boss, a self-titled “e-mail man,” sent me a text message instructing me to check my e-mail.  I rushed over to my computer and pulled up the important missive.  It contained two words:  “Call me”.    Martin Hoffmann, Pearland, TX

Feb. 182019
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Feb. 112019
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