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Nov. 92013

November 9, 2013

►    Customer Feedback:  Tracy B. called and was very complimentary:  “We all have been wonderful, not like the place out front (Surfside).  Everyone she has been in contact with has been very nice.  She has her own business and values customer service.”

►    Advertising, weekly specials, and department sales continue from last week:  “Entertain at Home”

►    Happy Birthday to Corey, Wednesday, November 13.

►    We had 35 One-of-These Awards in October; 3 for customer service.  Finalists were Seth, Paul, Ann Auker, Kristine, and Joe Corriveau.  Owner’s Choice was Seth, and the Drawing winner was Sarah.  Congratulations to all.

►    Remember, Monday is Veterans Day, so management needs to change the road sign.  The dates are on your list.

►    Please stop leaving the doors between the store and warehouse open.  Customers and their children should not be able to see in; let alone walk in.  Plus, we should not be heating or cooling the warehouse from the store.  That means do not leave them open while you walk down to the Patio department.  Open them, carry whatever you have, and close them.  When you come back, open them again.

►    From Stephanie: The break room cleaning supplies have been cleaned.  Swiffer dusters and other Swiffer supplies are now in the fourth (bottom) drawer in the break room, below the Ziploc bags and menu books.  Please help to keep the supplies organized.

►    Please take more pride in your work and your workplace.  Don’t make photocopies of other photocopies.  Go back to an original.  That means the original page that was printed from the printer, not a copy of it.  Which means don’t run out of copies and then go looking for an original when you can’t find one.  Look for an original and make more copies before you run out, so you have time to wait for one.  If you see a co-worker has made lousy copies, say something.  Don’t leave it for me to find it and do it.  I shouldn’t have to wait on everyone myself.  I am posting an example in the lunch room.

►    Thank you for your ideas on Winter jobs.  We needed to start a few weeks ago, so let’s get going now!  This year, I varied bonuses according to the quantity of ideas submitted, as there was a wide variety in the amount of time obviously put into it.  Here is what you should have received in your check:

Corey                  $20                   Ann A.             $30                   Jen                   $10

Anne-Marie         $20                   Mia                  $75                   Roz                  $10

Kristine               $40                   Sarah                $20                   Joe                   $20

Rebecca M.          $20                   Paul                 $5                    Victor               $20

Stephanie            $40                   Landon             $5                    Seth                 $20

Tod                       $40                    Rose                 $5

►    From Seth: We have some Red Sox World Series merchandise and photos coming in (they may already be here by the time you read this).  I am asking that employees hold off on purchasing these items for now, so that we have enough for regular customers.  If there are items that you are interested in, let me know and I will order them for you on the next order.  Likewise, if there are Red Sox player photos that you want, but we don’t seem to have, let me know and I will see if we can get them from New England Picture.  Let customers know that we may be able to get other photos as well.  Thanks!

►    According to the Namco website, almost every store is closed until February, 2014, including Nashua and Manchester.

I visited Boynton Pool.  They only have four pool tables and one ping pong table on the floor.  The tables all looked to be over $3,000.  The ping pong table was not priced, but they normally retail $550 to $850.

►    So I find that I have to remind someone to re-stock the orange recyclable Seasonal bags pretty regularly.  We must be selling dozens of them.  But according to Retail Pro, we sold four in 2011, one in 2012, and one in 2013.  So where do they all go?  I certainly hope that salespeople are not taking them to make billiard and spa packages.  You have a case of them in the warehouse that we have not spent labor price-tagging and displaying.

►    It Could Be Worse Here:  I stayed late with my boss fielding customer queries.  But after one call, a look of horror crossed his face.  “I have to get out of here!” he yelled.  “That was my girlfriend.  Her husband is in a motorcycle gang, and he just found out about me.  He’s on his way over here right now!”  The husband had never laid eyes on him, he said, but knew he worked late nights at the newspaper.  My boss then left me with these words:  “Keep answering phones from customers!”  And out the door he went.  Being eager to please, I stayed put.  But then it hit me:  My boss was setting me up.  He was hoping I’d be mistaken for the boyfriend!  I quickly grabbed my coat, turned out the lights, and got out of there.

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