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Nov. 162013

November 16, 2013

►    Customer Feedback:  M. F. from Ashby, MA, stated that her general shopping experience with us was Good.  “Just walked around while husband did assessments.  Was questioned by this little elf of a woman who was very nice.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “I felt comfortable.  I can’t remember her name – just a pleasant, very diminutive woman.”  Sales help was good, “Not pushy or tried to oversell.”  Operations people were good, “Helpful and moved along.”  Communication was good, “Sent candy – that can’t be bad.”  Products were also rated good, “Love my hot tub.”  She would recommend us to a friend.  What can we do to improve?  “Send organic candy.  Improve air quality in store.”  What do we do really well?  “Make impact on entering, signage is good.”

►    Advertising and weekly specials start Sunday, November 17:  “Family Fun Specials”. All department promotions continue from last week.

►    We will be running Black Friday Doorbusters from November 29 to December first, only.  Keep an eye out for the signs.

►    Submitted by Victor:

–   I have removed “The Works” from the store cleaning product list.  It is an aggressive disinfectant and considered to be very hazardous to use.

–   Did you know every aisle in the warehouse should have a tall and short ladder?  So if you use one, put it back where it belongs.

–   ALWAYS empty water from mop buckets.  The water begins to stink.

–   We are working with very few people.  Please leave notes to communicate where we are, where we left off.  Especially for Winter Project list.  So, each project can be continued.

–   We have individual chess pieces at Parts, with foosball parts.

►    The doorbell saga continues.  In 1999, when I built the building, I asked Stellos to install three or four doorbells on the front doors, so it wouldn’t be too loud.  They said it was not possible, because of the voltage drop over the distance, and burning out the units while the doors remain open.  A buzzer will not burn out, but a buzzer will buzz the entire time the door is open.  So we hired Bob Gamel to research and solve the problem.  He did, but obviously he was badly advised, and it didn’t work.

So we rehired Stellos to research it again.  Possibilities right now:  1. Three buzzers.  2. One loud buzzer or doorbell, and keep replacing the doorbell when it breaks.  3. Electric eye or floor mat, so it rings probably for each person instead of each door opening.  4. Maybe they find another solution.

►    We all need to learn to work harder – to do more with less.  We cannot hang around; we have to stay busy.  I’ll tell you more, probably in January or February.

►    Congratulations to Ann A., who is taking our Baquacil trip this January, to the Dominican Republic.  Ann does a wonderful job keeping the furniture department running like a top.  She has kept our inventory turning, and she has kept our carry-over as controlled as possible, considering how much Jeanne buys!

►    In the last ten days, we made four sales of 5 gallon chlorine.  One of them (25% of our sales) sold four carboys but only took one deposit.

►    Seth has a calendar of his photos available online for $14.99 plus shipping.  He has a description in the lunchroom.  You can also save the shipping costs by buying it directly from him.  You’ve seen his photos, so you know these are great.  And I just paid $20 plus shipping for my Martha’s Vineyard calendar – which I need next to my desk so I can remember why I work so hard.

►    Anne-Marie polled you all on the Wrap Party, and the majority vote was for dinner at the Country Tavern.  The vote for coming back here afterward vs. not coming back was split.  However, the Country Tavern dinner is already $1,000 more than eating here, and coming back here still adds a bartender, munchies, and work.  And the original reason for the poll was employee complaints about having to move tables and chairs for the party – which would still have to happen, at least for the games, bar, and pub tables.

So we will have the entire thing at the Country Tavern, and just switch to a cash bar after dinner.  Details are on the invitation.  Two changes:  they will have entertainment starting at 8:00PM, and they renovated the room upstairs, so that we have a 46 person maximum.  We have only gone over that twice since 2002, and not at all since 2008.  While I don’t expect anyone to miss out, you should reply sooner rather than later.

►    It could be worse:  Workplace stories from Reader’s Digest: At my old office, one of the bosses went crazy and threw his computer out the window, 50 floors above street level.  It bounced on a ledge a few stories down and stayed there, thankfully.  Later, he was taken out of the office in a straightjacket.  Oddly, he returned to work a month later.

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