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Dec. 212013

December 21, 2013

►    We received the following email from Jennifer M.:  “Please thank Victor for his excellent customer service the day before Thanksgiving.  We recently bought a house that came with a hot tub.  We’ve never owned a pool or spa before, so I was quite lost about what to do to maintain it.  He was calm & reassuring.”

►    Advertising, specials, and department promotions continue from last week:  “Family Gifts”

►    Happy Birthday to Jeanne, on Saturday December 21.

►    We close at 3PM on Christmas Eve.  Important!  Make sure everyone knows, and that we advise people picking up Christmas presents, to do it before that.

►    The 20% off cue cases when purchased with a 2-piece cue promotion ends Christmas Eve.

►    If anyone wishes to purchase the ads that were in the posters in the lunchroom, please tell me.

►    We average 84% correct on last quarter’s fire drills.  Thank you.

►    This is the key time for gift certificate sales.  Remember, it is a very nice card with an envelope – much nicer that a gift card.  It never expires, and it shows that the giver wants to give something very upscale.

►    It was suggested to me today that a lot of people fail to fulfill their goals from quarterly reviews because they forget them.  Possible solution is that we put them on a separate page; not attached to that narrative, so that you might be willing to keep them here.  Then, perhaps, we could remind you part way through the quarter.

I’m not going to do that, because I don’t need to add 32 jobs to my schedule.  I would rather 32 people add one job to their schedule.  However, the problem does seem to exist; actually only with a few people, of forgetting or ignoring goals.  I am open to suggestions.  Perhaps you write them on a note in your mailbox?  Those of you who have no problem meeting your goals – any advice for the others?

►    From Seth: To all salespersons:  TRICA is closed through January 5.  Please note that any special orders placed between now and then will not arrive before the very end of January.

►    Added by Dennis: Assume that everyone is closed until after New Year’s and all special orders will take extra time.

►    You all are doing a great job on the winter projects.  I am happy and proud of you for jumping in right away to do the cleaning, painting, and fixing up.  Thank you.

►    Remember.  About ten years ago, some snow blew off the roof of a truck or SUV, causing the car behind it to be hit, causing the driver to lose control… and die.  People were outraged that the driver who did not clear the snow off his roof could not be charged with homicide.  So the legislature re-wrote the law to make a person driving a vehicle that is improperly cleared of snow, to be subject to criminal penalties for any damage caused.  So don’t kill anyone – always clear your entire vehicle.

►    Congratulations.  Our fourth quarter reviews and bonuses averaged 109%.  Great job!

►    Congratulations and thank you to our new Assistant Manager: Stephanie Billings!

►    Submitted by Tod: A way to determine pool table size just from the distance between the sights on the rails:  7’-9¾”, 8’-11”, 8½’-11½”, 9’-12½”.

►    It Could be Worse: As a teenager, I worked at a diner that had an all-glass front.  One day, a blizzard blew in, knocking the wind chill factor down to 40 below.  But my boss sent me outside anyway to wash the windows.  “Put some alcohol in that bucket so the water doesn’t freeze,” he said.  “The water?  What about me?”  I asked.  He grunted, “You’re too young for alcohol.”              Scott Donovan, Charlton, MA

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