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April 4, 2015

Apr. 42015

►    All hot tub pricing has been removed from our website because of a complaint from another Marquis dealer that we were $2,000 cheaper than they were.  We put up a temporary page while we argue, but we will probably lose.  The Marquis newsletter just included a warning to all Marquis dealers world-wide that our contract prevents us from posting prices on the web.

►    Customer Feedback: Customer Bob L., of Townsend, MA stated that his general shopping experience with us was Excellent.  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “Patrick – very helpful.”  Sales help, operations, communication, and product performance were all rated Excellent.  He would recommend us to a friend.  “Good results from help.”  What do we do really well?  “Sales and service – good people.”

►    We are closed Easter Sunday.

►    Advertising, promotions, and specials all continue from last week:  “April Sale”

►    Happy Five Year Anniversary to Corey on Wednesday, April 8.  We will have anniversary cake in the coffee shop on Saturday, April 4.

►    We will also have a birthday cake for Stephanie on Saturday, April 4.

►    From Stephanie: Don’t forget to add your name to the snow melting contest.  If interested, please add your name by April 6.  Prize is up for grabs.

►    Happy One Year Anniversary to Jonathan, Jake, Andrew, Thomas, and Allison this week.  There will be cake in the coffee shop on Saturday, April 11.

►    The April Seasonal News and the April Reward$ email should be going out next week.  Please look at the Reward$ coupon – it requires a $200 minimum purchase.  Remember, that’s what they buy, not what they spend.  If they buy $200 worth of stuff they can use the coupon.  So if they buy $200 and use a $100 Reward$ certificate and a $90 gift certificate, they can still use the $10 coupon.

►    From Anne-Marie:  As we start the “busy season”, please drop a note to me if there are any computer problems or issues you would like resolved.  Please don’t assume that I know when something is broken.  Many times I find out weeks after something hasn’t been working.  Also, if you take the last roll of a certain type of price tag, please let me know so I can reorder.  Some of these rolls have a 6 week lead time to receive.

A number of vendors have generously agreed to buy us catered lunches on busy weekends.  I will post planned weekend lunches by Tuesday of a given week.  We will also be using the “tip jar” for some additional lunches.

►    We had 21 One-of-These Awards in March; four for customer service.  Finalists were Cliff, Jen, Mia, and Allison.  Owner’s Choice was Cliff, and the Drawing Winner was Tod.  Congratulations to all.

►    Reminder:  liner seams face down when installing a liner – that is for above ground and inground liners.

►    The quarterly bonuses that we paid last week average 143.5%.  Great job!

►    The Maytronics rebates have begun.  $50 back on Atlantis, $75 back on the Apollo, and $100 back on the Apollo Plus.  The C4 does not get a rebate.  This is an online rebate only.  They can take a photo of their receipt with a smart phone to do it, or scan the receipt.  Rules are on the small reminder slips near the automatic pool cleaners.  If you have a customer who cannot do this, we can do it for them if they leave their receipt and other information with the manager.

►    Internet Humor:

       A poor man, presenting himself before the King of Spain, asked his charity, telling him that he was his brother.  Desiring to know how he claimed kindred to him, to poor fellow replied, we are all descended from the common father and mother, Adam and Eve.  Upon which the king gave him a little copper piece of money.  The poor man began to moan to himself, saying, Is it possible that your Majesty should give no more than this to your brother?  Away, Away replies the king.  If all the brothers you have in the world give you as much as I have done, you’ll be richer than I am.

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