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Building a Game Room: Everything You Need to Know

Nov. 72018


With the weather cooling down and the days getting closer, it’s easy to start to feel a little bit of cabin fever. Especially with all the rain! We haven’t even hit the coldest part yet! If you’re looking for a way to keep everyone occupied through the winter, building a game room could be the answer to all your problems. Here at Seasonal Specialty Stores, we have everything you need to create a space for everyone.

A Place to Play

The primary purpose of your game room will be entertainment, of course. But what that means to you will determine which type of furniture and accessories to buy. Are you looking for a top of the line entertainment system to hold the biggest TV on the market? Or maybe you’re thinking of entertaining guests will a fully stocked bar? Whether you’re looking for pool or poker tables, we can help find something to keep you busy all year round.


Once you decide on the primary form of entertainment in your game room, you have to choose how to decorate it. We have lots of sports memorabilia, bar decor, and other statement pieces that’ll be sure to get your guests talking. We have shelves for all your bar necessities, and lots of wine storage to keep any party going.

Bar Stools and Game Tables

Thinking of a more retro space to play board and card games? We have a large selection of bar stools – including standard sizes and full sets of tables and chairs – to accommodate all your guests. We also have unique storage solutions, like benches and shelving, to keep all your equipment.

Here at Seasonal Specialty Stores, we have everything you need to be entertained all year round. Now that the weather is forcing us indoors, we have what you need to create the ideal entertainment space. From pool tables to board game tables and bars, we can help you build your dream game room. Check out our website here to browse our inventory.

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