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December 13, 2014

Dec. 132014

►    New advertising starts Sunday, December 14:  “Family Gifts”. Everything else continues from last week.

►    Happy Birthday to Joe, Friday, December 19.

►    Pat recently sent you a memo on consistently scheduling jobs for Mr. Cues.  A hint:  the calendar says right on it, how to do it.  So you don’t have to memorize it if you can remember to read the reminder.

►    Customer Feedback:  Customers Maureen and Dave S., from Litchfield, NH stated that their general shopping experience with us was Excellent.  Did any of our team members do an unusually good job?  “All of them.”  Sales help, operations, communication, and product performance were all rated Excellent. What do we do really well?  “We have never had a bad experience there.  Your employees are always very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.  We enjoy doing business at your store.”

►    This is the prime weekend and week for Christmas presents.  If you do not have training in darts, cues, and game table, get it Now!  Remember, automatic pool cleaners have their return policies extended automatically until Memorial Day 2016.  So, the recipient doesn’t have to try it out until June.  If you enter “Christmas present (item no. 20)” on a receipt, the return policy starts on December 26.  Remind every one of our very nice old-fashioned gift certificates.  They never expire, they look great, and come with an envelope.  They are always in style and show the recipient that you care to give the best.

►    Make sure you RSVP to Anne-Marie by December 19th for the Wrap Party.  You are all invited along with a guest. Employees that are away at school have been emailed and “snail mailed”.

►    From The Hippo:

Dyonta Rose, 29, in police custody the night of Feb. 22 in Dallas for possession of narcotics, fled the police cruiser still wearing his handcuffs.  Rose was tracked down a short time later when he called 911 to ask for an ambulance because his handcuffs were cutting off circulation in his arms.

►    More Internet Humor:

  • Ma: “Pa, I don’t think the neighbors like the new drum we got Johnny for Christmas.” Pa: “Why not?” Ma: “They gave him a knife and asked him if he knew what was in the drum.”
  • Nurse: “How do you feel after your operation?” Patient: “Quite alright, only I can feel two hearts beating inside me.” Nurse: “No wonder the doctor who operated on you was looking for his watch everywhere just now.”
Feb. 182019
►     This week’s report card comes from the Smerekaniczs from New Boston.  They said that their shopping experience was excellent, mostly because Stephanie was so amazing.  They also said that the best thing we could do for our business would...
Feb. 112019
►     The Whites from Londonderry send us some very positive feedback!  “We love shopping at Seasonal Specialty Stores – there is such a great selection!  Everyone was awesome.  Nobody did a bad job – everyone was great.  You have a...
Feb. 22019
►     James & Jackie from Westford, MA have this to say about us:  Always professional and efficient.  Sean helped us buy a Saber grill.  Everyone was timely and polite and nobody did an unusually bad job.  We really appreciate the...