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February 28, 2015

Feb. 272015

►    The Complete Spa Package has been updated with new step colors, a reminder of what colors go with what (they don’t make matching Celebrity steps), discounts on discontinued steps, etc.  Every page got something new.  We now have only one Maintenance Package, priced between the two former packages.  Most important, we believe that the items in the package make more sense than the previous ones.  There will be another update in a week or two, as we look at the chemical packages.

►    We have developed enough magnets in order to give them free with the vac poles.  So put them onto the ones on display, and stop taking them off the ones in the warehouse.

►    Customer Feedback: Customer Mary C., from Hudson, NH stated that her general shopping experience with us was Good.  “Always enjoy your store.  Last year I bought furniture for my four-season porch.”  Did any of our team members do an unusually bad job?  “My friend and I picked out what I wanted for my outside patio.  Had to look for a salesperson.  She was busy with a couple and I understand.”  Sales help, and communication were rated Good.  Product performance was rated Excellent.  “Furniture in sun room is white wicker and still looks great.”  What can we do to improve?  “You do a good job.”  What do we do really well?  “Joe’s Delivery is great.”

►    All new advertising, specials, and department specials begin Sunday, March 1:  “Patty O’Furniture Sale”. This month’s colors are Dark Pink for patio furniture and Ivory for everything else.

►    Happy Birthday to Roz, Monday, March 2.

►    I was just noticing on the Namco website, that the Nashua store is still closed and is moving to another location in Nashua.  No reopening date is shown, but the other closed stores are reopening in “March”.  I drove to look at the store.  It is empty, and the signs have been removed.  There are two large paper signs that say they are moving, and to see NamcoPool.com for where.  Strange, either it is a very super-secret location, or they moved without know where they are going.  Let me know if you hear something else.

►       News of the Weird from the Hippo:

Government in action:  Questionable Judgement:  Assistant Attorney General Karen Straughn of Maryland issued an official warning recently for consumers to watch out for what might be called “the $100 bill on the windshield” scam.  (That is, if you notice a $100 bill tucked under your wiper, do not try to retrieve it; it is likely there to trick you into opening your door to a carjacker.)  When questioned by WJLA-TV of Washington, D.C., Straughn admitted there were no actual reports of such attempts and that the story is a well-known urban legend but nonetheless defended the warning.

►    Internet Humor: Brown:  I’m sorry to see you so unwell.  Have you seen the doctor?   Jack:  Yes.  I’m having three baths a day.  Brown:  What for?   Jack:  Don’t know, doctor’s orders.  He gave me some medicine and told me to follow the directions on the bottle, which read, one tablespoon to be taken three times a day in water.

Feb. 182019
►     This week’s report card comes from the Smerekaniczs from New Boston.  They said that their shopping experience was excellent, mostly because Stephanie was so amazing.  They also said that the best thing we could do for our business would...
Feb. 112019
►     The Whites from Londonderry send us some very positive feedback!  “We love shopping at Seasonal Specialty Stores – there is such a great selection!  Everyone was awesome.  Nobody did a bad job – everyone was great.  You have a...
Feb. 22019
►     James & Jackie from Westford, MA have this to say about us:  Always professional and efficient.  Sean helped us buy a Saber grill.  Everyone was timely and polite and nobody did an unusually bad job.  We really appreciate the...