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February 4, 2017

Feb. 32017

►    Customer Feedback:  Customer Lindy E. from Goffstown, NH rated her general shopping experience with us as Excellent.  “Excellent customer service – Stephanie and Patrick listened to our needs.”  Did any of our team members do an usually good job?  “Overall customer service was far better than we received elsewhere.  In general, all team members were excellent.”  Sales help, operations people, communication, and product performance were all rated Excellent.  She would recommend us to a friend.  What do we do really well?  “Customer service level and range of quality products.”

►    Advertising, specials, etc. continue from last week:  “Relax At Home”

►    There were nine “One of These” awards for January; Two for customer service. Finalists were Anne-Marie, Kristine, and Allison.  Owner’s Choice was Anne-Marie, and the drawing winner was Ryan.  Congratulations to all.

►    Reminder;  you have to change Wells Fargo contracts on Tuesday, February 7.

►   From Anne-Marie:

  • All employees need to re-watch the safety videos and perform the walk-through safety procedures with a manager. There is a new video about what to do in the event of workplace violence. There is a link in the Safety Folder on the Design Center computer.
  • I am looking into an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training class. It involves 2-1/2 hours of online training, and class instruction of one hour at the American Red Cross (either Nashua or Manchester). The class and your time will be compensated. Recipients that pass the class will have certification for 2 years. The goal is to always have at least one person each shift to have this certification. Please notify me if interested.

►    It looks like we have received our last samples of the new pools, and completed the last set (I hope) of corrections on the above ground price list.  Have a look at the samples.  We will stock the Chesapeake in 18’, 24’, and 27’, though they will probably not sell well until we run out of the clearance Cayman pools.  The Chesapeake is a pretty big, impressive pool for the money.

►    Welcome to two new members of our Sales and Service Team:  Sean P. and Elaine S.  We hope you enjoy it here.

►    From Sarah:

I set the Water Lab printers to print double-sided.  It will do it automatically, but now the paper has to get loaded upside down.  I’m guessing it will cut the amount of paper we use there in half.  Let me know if you have any questions about loading the paper.

►    Laughs from Gaffes by Reader’s Digest:

Instead of saying this…

“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” Donald Trump (retweeting a Benito Mussolini quote)

… Say this…

“The lion shall lie down with calf, but the calf won’t get much sleep.” Woody Allen

Feb. 182019
►     This week’s report card comes from the Smerekaniczs from New Boston.  They said that their shopping experience was excellent, mostly because Stephanie was so amazing.  They also said that the best thing we could do for our business would...
Feb. 112019
►     The Whites from Londonderry send us some very positive feedback!  “We love shopping at Seasonal Specialty Stores – there is such a great selection!  Everyone was awesome.  Nobody did a bad job – everyone was great.  You have a...
Feb. 22019
►     James & Jackie from Westford, MA have this to say about us:  Always professional and efficient.  Sean helped us buy a Saber grill.  Everyone was timely and polite and nobody did an unusually bad job.  We really appreciate the...