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January 17, 2015

Jan. 162015

►    Good luck and thank you to Patrick and Ann A., who will be representing us at the New Hampshire Home Design Awards.  We are not up for an award; we are sponsoring the Outdoor Design Award.  And they will be trying to drum up business with interior and exterior decorators, landscapers, hardscapers, patio contractors, etc.

►    The cost of new liquid chlorine buckets has gone up, and Accucare has raised the price of the deposit to $8.00.  That means that people who paid $7.00 last year and bring them back now (we have already switched) will be getting an extra dollar back.

►    From Patrick: We have been getting a little relaxed on the dress code, this is a reminder that you should have on a seasonal shirt, and if you are cold there are sweaters and vests available with the logo on them.  You may wear something of your own as long as it is navy and is appropriate with a name tag.  Any questions, please let me know.

►    Customer Feedback:  A Seasonal Specialty Stores Report Card was received from customer James C., of Hudson, NH.  Sales help, operations, and communication were rated Excellent.  “Manager returned call right away and explained why I would be contacted by Professional Pool of NH.  Polite and helpful.  Warehouse loaded my car with pool heater with care.  Show concern for my pool problems, and show appreciation when I make a major purchase at Seasonal.”  Product performance was rated good.  “Seasonal makes an effort to stock good, not cheap products.  Seasonal employees are knowledgeable and willing to explain pros and cons of each product.”  Pool School, in-store advice, free water testing, and at home tutoring were rated Excellent.  What can we do to improve?  “Show your inventory of products on your web page better.  Currently it’s too general.”  What do we do really well?  “Employees are knowledgeable and are determined to help resolve all of my pool care needs and problems.”

►    Advertising changes Sunday, January 18:  “Entertain at Home”. Everything else remains the same.

►    Happy Birthday to Anne-Marie, on Saturday, January 24.

►    I am going to hang a couple of articles about Fritz Haber in the lunchroom.  Why?  I am willing to bet that most people have never heard of him.  He is responsible for at least two billion people being alive.  He is also responsible for millions of people being dead – in both world wars.  His invention of cheaply-produced nitrogen (which allowed the world population to increase) ended a series of wars that took place for hundreds of years before that, over food and fertilizer.   His invention of cyanide gas as a pesticide was later used in Nazi concentration camps to kill millions of Jews – including members of his own family.  His wife committed suicide when he successfully tested his invention of poison gas as a weapon on a battlefield in World War I.  Probably the most amoral person who I have ever read about.

►    More Internet Humor:

Visitor:  Is this a healthy place to live in?

Local yokel:  Yes sir.  When I arrived here, I couldn’t walk or eat solid food.

Visitor:  What was the matter with you?

Local yokel:  Nothing, I was born here.

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