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June 11 , 2016

Jun. 102016

►    Advertising and weekly specials change Sunday, June 12: “Super Summer Savings”.  Everything else remains the same.

►    Customer Feedback:  A Seasonal Service & Repair Report Card was received from customer Jane S. in Tyngsboro, MA.  She rated us Excellent on all points.  “The tech was very good.  The only reason for the “9s” was that although he may not have known ahead what parts needed repair, he did not have replacement hose on hand.  Which we thought would be standard equipment to carry on the truck.”

►    Events during the next couple of weeks:

         June 11-12:  Customer Appreciation Day: Free Gifts with any purchase, while they last.

         June 15: Pool School 102 ~ Introduction to Pool Chemistry, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

         June 19:  Father’s Day ~ FREE Gifts for fathers, future fathers, and fathers-at-heart, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

         June 25:  Happy Birthday Patrick and Rose:  FREE birthday cake in the coffee shop, while supplies last.

►    We recently received some new 5 gallon liquid chlorine containers.  They have a different vent cap from the traditional bucket:  the same as on the 2½ gallon container.  So, we are adding the item number of the old vent cap, and we are stocking the new vent cap.  The new buckets are dark blue, and the vent cap has a tab so it’s harder to lose.

►    From Anne-Marie: Just a reminder that if you are on one of our computers and a pop-up displays asking if you want to “update to Windows 10”. DO NOT CLICK OK. RetailPro and the Water Lab Programs will not run on Windows 10.

If you get a phone call for one of us in the back office, and we are not in, please transfer the call to our voicemail by dialing our extension, then the number 8.  Someone is taking messages and leaving papers in our mailboxes. We sometimes check our voicemail remotely.  We won’t get the message if it is sitting in one of our mailboxes in the lunch room.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their patience with all of the system problems we have had this week.  I came in early on Thursday morning to work on Register 1 (under the direction of our offsite IT people – J.D.Associates).  Being cautiously optimistic that we’ll solve the freeze-up problems.  Please keep me posted of any computer issues.

►    We see a lot of people who have been recently widowed or divorced, have no idea how to take care of the pool, and are very stressed.  When you get them make sure they know that we have classes, tutors, and can recommend people (like Sarah) for weekly maintenance.  These people are often completely overwhelmed by far more than a pool, and have no idea (why would they) that we know how to help them.  For a reference, see our most recent “Customer Reviews Brochure” with a long letter from a woman in just that position, or ask Patrick about a woman crying in her back yard.

►    When you leave someone a note about a phone call or customer request, please add the date, time, and your name.  Always.  We need to know how old a note is when we return a call.

►    Below is an explanation of the new single-hole wall saver panels that are generic in color. This does not affect new pools, or the double hole panels. We will add labels to them, also.

“Dennis:  I figured it out.  As I mentioned we cannot do single hole wall panels anymore. This means we have to use a solid panel so it fits all pools. It would be impossible to do some for every pattern.  But we did it sloppy with no regard to the problems that could be caused for the dealer or consumer.  The steel is Grey one side Taupe the other.  The taupe side is as the normal walls are.  If they use the grey side the skimmer and return will be reversed causing your problem.  Going forward we will tell anybody that orders one this will possibly happen.  Sorry, Steve”

►    From Ann A.:

Update on Telescope Lead Time: 

Telescope has finally corrected their production issues and increased their stock levels on Marine Grade Polymer.   With   that being said they are now back to working on a 4 week production schedule.  So going forward you may now quote special order Telescope lead time at 4-6 weeks.  I will continue to monitor their shipping schedules and we will make any adjustments to the lead time if I see they start to run into any problems again!  If you have any questions regarding Telescope please see myself or Mia!

►   Laughter is The Best Medicine from the Reader’s Digest:

Air BNB Reviews of Rapunzel’s Tower: “One night, we arrived just as Rapunzel was getting out of the shower.  She must have slathered on the conditioner because it took my friends and me an hour of slipping and sliding before we got back to our room.”

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