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March 21, 2015

Mar. 212015

►    Submitted by Mia:

  • We have a vinyl cover made for a Soft Tub in stock. We are selling this for ½ off regular price! This could be perfect for some of the new intex spas out there. Keep it in mind if you have anyone asking about these spas. The cover is on the shelf in the spa department where its been for years. Let’s sell it!
  • Please make yourself familiar with the items in the Scratch & Dent area. Any questions – ask me.

►    Customer Feedback: Dave C. was replying to an email that Anne-Marie sent telling him that our cashier failed to credit him $6.83 from his Seasonal Reward$ certificate when he was in, but we marked his certificate. So we are giving him a refund “This type of email is only a small part of why Seasonal Specialty Stores is my go-to pool store, even though you are 30+ miles from home. It is safe for me to say I am never just satisfied when I shop there, I am delighted.    Each of you seems to go out of your way to ensure the customer is very well taken care of, and there are smiles in abundance, regardless of the weather or the economy. Others who have accompanied me on my visits are also impressed. I’ll do my best to remember the Seasonal Reward$ coupon number, but I am not all certain I’ll be back before I spring 2015.   Perhaps for a winterizing kit and winter chemmies I’ll be in….  You guys (that is “boys” and “girls” in that word guys) rock!  dave c.

►    Advertising, promotions, and specials continue from last week:  “Patty O’Furniture Sale”

►    Remember, the Reward$ March coupon is for $10 but only with a $100 total minimum purchase.

►    Saturday, March 28 is the last day of the Marquis Special Financing Sale.

►    Submitted by Patrick:

  • Awning and grill training will be Sunday, March 22nd. Special start time at 9am. If you have questions please let me know.
  • Matt Allaire from Meadowcraft and Housewarmings Outdoor will be here Thursday morning, March 26th to do training on Meadowcraft furniture and grill islands.

►     Every hot tub wet test done here requires the same paperwork: the preparation sheet that shows the test before, the test after, the safety procedures, etc. Every test, whether it’s you or a customer. The form tells you how many copies to make, and who gets them.  It would also be a nice gesture if you are using a hot tub for personal reasons, to bring your own towels, so that Jeanne doesn’t have to wash them.

►     The Nashua Home Show is Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22 at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. There is a sign and a coupon in the lunchroom. Our competitors will be there. That used to be our best home show when we went to them. Perhaps, with a new sales team, we will go again.

►     Notes on the 3/15 to 3/28 a competitor’s sales flyer:

  1. The Morada, Allure, and the Contempra say “Made in USA”. The Millenium, Elixer, and Neptune do not. Chinese?
  2. Their original prices on the Contempra are all DOUBLE our original prices. Their sale prices are all over $1000 higher than ours. Like our 24’ Contempra is original $3649, on sale $3349. Their original price is $7899, and their sale price is $4739.
  3. Their Morada (similar to our Cayman) seems cheap enough, unless you see this – very small, not near the prices: “*Morada pool price available only when purchased with a premium pool package. See store for details.”
  4. Note: NOWHERE in the sale flyer does it actually list what is in their premium package, or how much you have to pay for it, in order to actually pay those prices! Let’s say it’s $1000 for a $500 package! We can’t tell – you only find out when you go there to buy one!
  5. Their hot tubs are about the same price for a private label no one has ever heard of, that you would pay in a real spa store, for a real hot tub!

There is a copy of the flyer in the lunchroom.

►     Some Reminders from Patrick:

  •  You are allowed to punch in up to five minutes before your scheduled shift time, no earlier.
  • You should not have your cell phone on your person while you are on the floor.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to answer the phone. If it is ringing and you are free, please pick it up.

►     We have negotiated a lower price on orders from the Bay State special order book, and we are also going to take a lower mark-up. So there is a new discount structure on the cover of the book.

►     Internet Humor: A father of five children came home with a toy, summoned his children and asked which one of them should be given the present. Who is the most obedient, never talks back to Mother and does everything he or she is told? He inquired. There was silence, and then a chorus of voices, You play with it Daddy!

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